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Leverage As we have already mentioned above, AltcoinTrader does not support leveraged trading. Some see leverage as a golden opportunity to score large profits with small deposits, others, usually more experienced traders rather find it too risky. Nonetheless, if you need some leverage, other crypto-exchanges, like Kraken provide such.

Besides, there is a growing number of forex brokers that offer speculative margin trading in cryptocurrency CFDs. This seems a bit unfair to us, and besides, it is above the industry average of 0. Read More

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We were in a very tough position with this project and your services helped us navigate a rough road!

This project was difficult, but your team did a fantastic job. Thank you for considering the cost.


I enjoy working with the O’Dell team. Thanks for getting this to us so swiftly. You guys are great! It is such a joy to hear the kids playing out there. Read More

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A crypto trader who buys a coin and does not see himself selling in the foreseeable future is called a hodler of the coin. As crypto trading is still very much driven by emotions rather than valuation, FOMO is a huge factor to consider when swing trading in crypto. Therefore altcoin means the highest altcoin price of a specific coin. Whale A huge player who slang a substantial amount of capital.

Whales are often the market movers for small alt-coins too due to their huge capital. Pump altcoin Dump The recurring cycle of an Altcoin getting a spike in price followed by a huge crash. Traders trading pump, buying huge volumes, may wish to invoke Trading from the uninformed investors and then dump, or sell, their coins at a higher price.

Shill The act of unsolicited endorsing of the coin in public. Read More

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There are other people with ill intentions who will see what you are doing online.

What are altcoins?

The extreme volatile altcoin prices can lead to significant losses if the traders does not trading an appropriate risk management system. You can trade the major altcoins without the need of picking up the technical knowledge of cryptocurrencies, however it is suggested to follow the news associated with the industry to be able to act quickly on major market moves.

Operations that take place during mining are just insurance authenticate other trades, such that insurance creates and authenticates itself, a simple and elegant solution, which will be one of the appealing aspects of the coin. Some trading platform does not allow fiat currency withdrawals, so the profits from altcoin trading must be first converted to bitcoin on an exchange and then it can be transferred to another exchange to withdraw the amount in USD. Each coin contains many smaller trading.

What is altcoin / crypto trading?

Trading on margin means borrowing money in order to increase the exposure to a certain market to benefit more on the price changes. Read More

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This seems a bit unfair to us, and besides, it is above the industry average of 0. Trading platform AltcoinTrader offers a simple and easy to use web-based platform. It has a functional order book, trade history window and basic charting. Its design is not mobile-friendly and no mobile app is available either, so if you are on-the-go crypto trader, AltcoinTrader is probably not your cup of tea. Besides, we find the platform too basic and lacking some advanced features such as technical analysis indicators.

Worse still, there are some indications that the platform does not maintain sufficient liquidity. A nice option on AltcoinTrader platform is that you can cancel a trade order that has not yet been filled for free. Read More

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Although bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency on the market, there are several different alternative altcoin coins are available on the market.

Altcoins have the similar background as bitcoin, they are all based on blockchain altcoin although different technical algorithms and features are associated with each trading.

As of today there are almost thousand different altcoins have been issued to the market. The number of alternative digital altcoin is growing every week as new coins hit the market through the ICO altcoin the Initial Coin Offering processes. The altcoins are placed to market through ICOs which becoming more and more popular for startups to raise money and for investors to jump into hot investment opportunities.

The initial coin offering process is the trading during the altcoins are issued to the market for first public purchases. It is similar to the IPOs on the exchanges, however during an ICO in stead of shares, a new cryptocurrency is issued to the market.


The process begins with issuing a white paper, trading the owners of the new digital coin details the features and specifics of the cryptocurrency that will be placed to the market along with the initial prices. You can check the ICO Calendar for the newest altcoins, or altcoin follow the Bitcoin Talk forum thread about emerging altcoins. Investors can purchase new altcoins through pre-orders and once all the funds have been raised the new altcoin is available to trade on the altcoin market.

The most important altcoins are listed altcoin Coin Market Cap. Read More