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Here are ten trading for starting out in the world of altcoin trading. This is a rewrite from an old blog I had a couple years back. It was actually written gif I first started trading cryptocurrency. I changed around a lot of this, and updated it based on my experiences over the last couple years as an altcoin trader.

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The company operating the brand and the website, Altcoin Trader Pty Ltd. South Africa is no exception to that. If you insist to invest with a regulated entity, you may also trade in cryptocurrencies with forex brokerages, most of which are properly licensed and besides, offer margin trading.

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Most importantly, there is no information about AltcoinTrader being hacked and the latter altcoin that all FICA and cryptocyrrencies are stored in cold storage. Trading instruments cryptocurrencies AltcoinTrader really focuses on the South African market and targets local traders, as this cryptocurrency exchange offers trading digital coins against South African Rand only. If you’s rather trade cryptocurrencies against the common EUR and USD, you may always do that with major exchanges like Kraken and Bitstampwhich also operate on the South African market.

In fact, this trade to be the situation with the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges. Leverage As we have already mentioned above, AltcoinTrader does not trade leveraged trading. Read More

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That statement sounds familiar to every soldier around. Although we are not dealing with a risk to human lives, losing your expensive Bitcoins by making mistakes trading is definitely not a fun situation.

So, how we can avoid those mistakes in our trade How to be mostly on the green side? First, it is important to note that to trade right requires attention and your one hundred percent focus. Secondly, trading is not for everyone. After all, we are not rational human beings.

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Have a reason before entering each trade: Not all traders make gains from trading, since this is a zero-sum game for everyone who benefits someone else loses on the trade side. Read More