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As its place among the top ten cryptocurrency market caps suggests, Namecoin has remained one of the most successful altcoins throughout its short lifespan. Should I Invest in Altcoins? Due to how recent cryptocurrency was invented and how rapidly the landscape changes, all cryptocurrency investments carry a great deal of risk. Even Bitcoin—by far the most stable cryptocurrency—exhibits price volatility on a regular basis.

By comparison, however, altcoins are exponentially more volatile.

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Because they have such low market caps the total value of all coins combinedaltcoin markets are highly prone to price manipulation. Once the price has risen considerably, the whales sell their coins on exchanges at a massive profit, hurting many gullible investors in the process.

To avoid losing all your money in a pump and dump, focus on long-term investments in coins you believe have immense potential and exhibit overall health. Avoid the hype that coin communities propagate.

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Investors have an agenda, so you should not take their word at face value. Only invest in coins you have researched. Making an ill-informed investment is the first step to losing your hard-earned money. Take the time to research the coins you are considering for long-term investments, and research day-trading before you attempt to become a high-volume, short-term trader.

Most importantly, never invest more than you can afford to lose. Far too many people have lost their life savings by centralizing them in volatile investments. As with Bitcoin, there are a variety of ways to obtain altcoins. The most basic way to obtain altcoins is to accept them as payment for goods or services.