Gold mining in pangasinan

Jan 01,6: Teranga Gold, the first and only operating gold mine in Senegal puts social responsibility at the heart of the matter. The key to success as a corporate citizen in Senegal, Teranga Gold Corporation believes, is earning the right to operate in any region the company conducts business.

For any mining company, the importance of corporate social responsibility CSR and the duty to be mining good corporate citizen are things that simply cannot be ignored. The very success of gold mining operation is often only achieved through a commitment to CSR and creating a lasting legacy for the community in which they operate.

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The Canadian-based gold mining company owns and operates Sabodala, the only commercial gold mine and mill in Senegal. On top of this we are focused on adhering to good governance practices and promoting our employees and their culture. The Company has achieved almost three years gold a lost time incident at Sabodala.

There are few companies in the global mining sector that can make this claim. Approximately 90 pangasinan are Senegalese with more than half coming from mining local communities mining the mine. Its strong workforce is a commitment to employee development. This development of employees not only better serves the Company, but Senegal as a whole. Award winning CSR program Teranga prides itself on its commitment to the local community mining initiatives that came out of its Regional Development Strategy, which was created after 18 months of consultations with all stakeholders.

Some of these initiatives include the creation of community market gardens, livestock health mining, and the improvement of agricultural farming techniques in support of agriculture and food security, school support through bursary programs, donations of supplies and the construction of school infrastructures in support of youth education and training, as well as programs that empower local procurement and help develop small and medium businesses in support of sustainable economic growth.

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Through its commitment to CSR, the Company is working to leave a positive and lasting legacy for Senegal. Growing in an Ex-Growth Pangasinan As a gold producer, commodity cycles and the challenges they present are a way of life.

Across the entire industry, despite major exploration investment over the last decade, discoveries have been minimal. The vast majority of deposits discovered are less than 4 million ounces or less.