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The Chinese originally came to mining area as workers on the transcontinental Central Pacific Railroadwhich reached Winnemucca in Basque immigrants worked as sheep-herders starting in the midth century.

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In honor of this heritage, Winnemucca hosts an annual Basque Festival. In the community was visited by Sun Yat-Senlater to become Chinese president. Chinatown[ edit ] In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Winnemucca had a vibrant Chinatown. Summer days tend to be hot, winnemucca the temperature drops significantly at night. Some remained or returned to settle.

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Among their prominent buildings was the Joss House on Baud Street, a place of worship nevada celebration. In Sarah Winnemucca published the first jobs written by a Native American woman, [5] based on hundreds of lectures she’d given in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. Winnemucca, loosely translated, means “one moccasin..