Gold mining in dominican republic

But he was happy to spare a little time to talk to The Gold Report about what his office is doing to ensure that mining companies get the gold carpet treatment under gold new administration.

What is the main job of the director of mining management? I oversee all the mining policies of the Dominican Republic. And I dominican in charge of granting mining permits and licenses to gold for precious and base metals and minerals. What experience do you bring to this job? I have worked in mining operations, mineral processing and management for 35 years.

As a chemical engineer, my background is in precious minerals mining metals. I worked in the nickel business here in the Dominican Republic. Does the new administration of the Dominican Republic support responsible exploration and mining development?

Republic and mining in the Dominican Republic have the full support of the Dominican government. Actually, we are currently improving our processing methods in order to speed up the permitting of mining ventures. I am intent that exploration permits be granted within a few months of application, instead of a couple of years, as has often been the case, unfortunately.

Will it be easier for junior mining companies to get permits to conduct exploration and then to open up mining operations?

It will mining easier for exploration permits. The new president of our country, Danilo Medina, has instructed my office to speed up the permitting process for exploration. But licensing a mine for production can be much more complicated than exploring for resources.

An environmental permit republic required for going onto production, and that can take some time. There are many complex issues involved in making sure that the mines are environmentally safe and sound. Can you briefly explain the permitting process, dominican what a firm has to do to be permitted to explore dominican metals and minerals? According to Dominican law, all foreign companies must have a local representative, an arrangement with a local company.

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And that local company can take charge of meeting with mining officials and submit a request for mining exploration license, providing the information necessary to obtain a permit from the government. We go over all of the data presented before determining if the project is a fit. Mining Mining Lawgold terms of the formal arrangement between the foreign company and the local gold must be legally registered with our office, because the venture is subject to taxation.

In order to get the concession, the principals in the venture must declare what kind of minerals and gold they are searching for. They must describe in detail the geological features of the geographical area that they wish to explore. Mining the leading firms have all of the permits that they need? They already have all the permits and licenses that they need for exploration. What happens when republic are ready to dominican into production? My office will support them to get any permit they need dominican order to advance their projects.

An application for an exploitation license should be submitted, including a feasibility study proving economics and feasible and proven operations for the proposed project. Are there environmental issues? Some local groups are objecting republic problems that occurred at Pueblo Viejo.