Mining adventures in guided

Prev Ice Temple Sometimes you may find a map near the start. You’ll wake up in an abandoned mine and one of the Russian soldiers will start hitting you. You have to use space and left mouse button at the right moment to set yourself free.

Side Refine Panel

Before you keep going, take your equipment from a crate on your right. There’s also a treasure map on another crate. Go left, there’s an electricity booth around the corner.

Destroy it, then go through the grate door. You have to take the key that’s hanging on the wall. Go to the end of the corridor and take the key from the wall. Go back again and use the key on the door on the right. Go through the rope bridge. Then the first fight in this area starts. Head forward and turn left at the end. You should find a switch by the rails at the end of the camp. A rollercoaster ride with revolvers in hands.