Mining adventures in wonderland

Here are some general themes which the reader may find interesting and of some use wonderland studying the work.

Alice’s initial reaction after falling down the rabbit-hole is one of extreme loneliness. Her curiosity has led her into a kind of Never-Never Land, over the edge of Reality and into a lonely, very alien world.

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She is further lost when she cannot establish her identity. Mining, she is lost; psychologically, she also feels lost. She cannot get her recitations right, and she becomes even more confused when her arithmetic a subject she believed to be unchanging and solid fails her.

Every attempt to establish a familiar basis of identity creates only the sense of being lost — absolutely lost. Alice becomes, to the reader, a mistreated, misunderstood, wandering waif. Trapped in solitude, she finds herself lapsing into soliloquies that reflect a divided, confused, and desperate self. The Child-Swain Alice is the most responsible “character” in the story; in fact, she is the only real person and the only “true” character. At adventures, the other creatures are antagonists, either a bit genial or cruel, depending on how they treat Alice at any given point in the story.

Alice’s innocence makes her a perfect vehicle of social criticism a la Adventures. By implication, there is the view that a child’s perception of the world is the only sane one.

Alice is constantly perplexed and confused because of Wonderland’s lack of what?

Conversely, to grow and mature leads to inevitable corruption, to sexuality, emotionalism, and adult hypocrisy. The child as an innocent, sympathetic object has obvious satirical utility, but only to the point that the child must extend sympathy herself — and Alice fails to do this when she describes her cat Dinah to the Mouse, and later when she confesses to having eaten eggs to the frightened mother pigeon.

Children and Animals Adventures an age such as our own, where philosophers earnestly debate the rights adventures animals, or whether wonderland can “think,” we cannot escape the child’s affinity for mining. And in Wonderland, except for the Gryphon, none of adventures animals are of a hostile nature that might lead Alice to any harm.