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Articles Vietnam recorded huge rates of economic growth in the beginning of the 21st century, making it an interesting option for expats and global investors. Nevertheless, it is still hard to find a job in a local company without a contact. Since the beginning of this century, Vietnam has managed to reduce poverty and more than doubled the Gross Domestic Product GDP per capita.

Still, it is one of the poorer countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Moreover, it has to deal with a high inflation rate and rising food prices. However, this sector is declining while industry and services are on the rise. The programme of Doi Moi Renovationwhich in turned Vietnam into a free market economy, played an important role here.

Major western and Chinese companies recently relocated to Vietnam due to cheaper wages and production costs. These companies often engage experienced workers from their original country to train locals. Information technology, construction and tourism are probably the most promising sections to find a job for expats. Especially because in these trades, there is a lack of skilled workers in Vietnam.

In addition, the fields of manufacturing, mining, the garment industry and the power sector are also worth looking into. Another increasing possibility is to teach English. The rising popularity of Vietnam as a tourist destination, and the opening to global markets, are catalysts in the demand for English-language teachers. Where to find a job in Vietnam Finding a job in a local company with neither the right contacts nor the ability to speak Vietnamese is hardly possible.

On the contrary, the job prospects in global enterprises are quite good.

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When you consider working in Vietnam, you should calculate at least three months for the job search. Either you should be able to afford to stay there for a few months without a proper job or, much better, start your search from your home country. Bear in mind that finding a job and applying for it is a different thing than securing the job. For the latter, it will be crucial in nearly any case to come to Vietnam. Luckily, finding a job as an expat in Vietnam is not too hard in international companies.