Bitcoin mining a1-91-265

There will be detailed pictures of the GUI and a hardware teardown. Halong Mining was first publicly advertised around November ofwith many prominent figures in the Bitcoin community endorsing the legitimacy of the project.

Myrig is advertised as Halong’s distribution arm globally. The official websites, along with the twitter handles are listed below: Being a resident here locally, I took Scott up on his open offer to review the unit in person, which I did in early January.

I was delighted with what I saw, and became a customer not too long afterwards. Last month I offered to review a unit, which was provided in addition to the PSU, which I received yesterday. Without further ado, the unboxing!

As we can see, the unit has the standard “tube” form factor, a common form factor. More close ups, and plugging in the PSU! After plugging it into my setup, it didn’t take long for it to show up on my network.

Navigation menu

I navigated to the page. The default login username is “admin”, and the password is “dragonadmin” The default pool settings! As with most miners, the hashrate spikes up when it first goes online, it equalized as time went on. I adjusted the pool settings and pointed them to slush.

Калькулятор криптовалют, конвертер криптовалют

Here’s the GUI hashrate at two minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and finally at 75 minutes! Amp pull was fluctuating between 6. I used a Fluke Meter to measure the precise pull. Here’s the rest of the GUI! GUI updates existing and upcoming!


Onwards to the tear down! Off with the warranty seals. Halong has an official setup video here:.