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Dentacoin is an industrial blockchain concept invented by Dentacoin Foundation in the Netherlands. Sinceapproximately people have been involved in different aspects of the concept development.

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Highly respected University lecturer. More dental 27 years experience in financial mining. Devoted to science and engineering. Early entrant into the Blockchain scene. Immersed within the peer-to-peer technology for 8 years. Strong believer in decentralization and transparency. Studies in Law, Economics and Business Management. Adopted the tripple bottom line to Dentacoin while integrating technical sustainability.

Fighter for free, decentralised markets. Focused on identifying technological trends and implementing them as competitive advantages. Background education in Computer Systems and Technology. Constantly mining state-of-the-art innovations for the benefit of patients. Responsible for managing the finance and accounting divisions. Experienced in payment ecosystems, bitcoin analytic tools, processes and teams to manage the revenue, costs and risks inherent in the payment space.

With a strong flair for successful investments. The driving force behind bitcoin successful dental clinic concepts. Overseeing the applications of dental innovations and constantly exploring the opportunities for growth in Dental Industry. Tsvetomir Ivanov Industry 4. Highly focused on finding ways to achieve significant efficiency, cost reduction and revenue gains through digitalization and automation.

Permanently researching, evaluating and implementing high-tech dental innovations. Computer science and Blockchain enthusiast.

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Leading dentist, currently managing bitcoin team of 19 dentists.