Bitcoin mining k3 sisters

Well, if you have been following my posts here on jackobian, then you can easily guess why my hands are tapping at the keyboard now? I can’t keep it back any longer when there are people out there that wants this information in the way am capable of presenting it.

In the past, i have spoken about my investment in Bitcoin cloud mining but never took it up to the point where we are going now and that was in the thread: My Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Companies services To Invest In We are going to be talking about Bitcoin cloud mining and my experience so far in the business here especially as it has to do with a particular company called Genesis-mining.

This company as the name implies deals in Bitcoin mining. Now, you may be wondering, what exactly is Bitcoin mining? It’s actually a simply complicated process by which Bitcoin transactions are verified in the blockchain and Bitcoins are released in the bitcoin network!

So, if people were to stop mining Bitcoins, it means that There will be no more Bitcoin transactions as all of them will be hanging NO new bitcoins will be generated However, am not going to be talking about bitcoin mining in this thread as we have talked about it severally before and even in our Bitcoin in 1 week program which is still ongoing. You can learn more about what Mining really means and what you need to know about it with the links below.

What Is Bitcoin Mining? Beginners Guide To The Process Am assuming you have read the articles listed above or at least you have a basic knowledge of what Bitcoin mining is all about.

The Importance Of Bitcoin Miners

If you haven’t or you don’t, please do so you can be able to understand and appreciate this thread. Do me some favors, please – Do NOT invest if you have not read everything here and done your own calculations well!

Read down to get my number, please. Getting started with Bitcoin Mining as a Bitcoin Enthusiast I learned about Bitcoins just a few months ago actually and considering just that, you will say this is a very unwise investment! But there are more reasons why this investment is very unwise and even much more reasons why it is one that everyone that has the money to go for it should consider!

Let’s see both sides of the coin here. Well, considering you can get your money doubled in Twinkas in about a week, I could have just invested this cash there and get a million naira within a week! NO, not this one. Or, maybe just start a business of my own as the money will be enough right? NOP, not this time either.

How Bitcoin Mining Works

Either way, you find out that I stand to gain much more in a much shorter while if I were to Invest in other quick-hit businesses and possibly double my cash within a few weeks but NO, not this time! How wise is this Investment in Genesis-Mining?

It’s not a short-term investment! Lols, what does that even mean? Invest today, do some press ups, take a shower, sip something sippable then come back and collect your cash! The shorter the time it takes to get back your money, the more intense your BP will be! Beyond the Blood pressure thing as am a young person and not at risk nor scared of such things, I have been and still am into several short-term investments and need a long one. That’s just the way I feel it should be Be with the cool calm guys, be with the crazy hit and run guys and you will survive the day one of them is called to BAR!

I felt the need to have both long and short term investments so I did! Trust me, i almost died the day i realized that i had wired over k to a company i have no idea where it is with hope that God will keep them running long enough for me to make it back! Very stupid of me right? Don’t worry, you will be in the same category if you eventually give in to this!

I wanna be one of the Reasons why Bitcoin is moving forward! There’s no need telling you that the more miners there are in Bitcoin, the more the value of the coin increases of course, alongside other factors. As stupid as this one sounds, I want to be one fo the reasons why our Bitcoin is progressing high up making it even more attractive to investors while keeping the gap with other cryptocurrencies even higher!

Mining alone will not be able to do this but it will contribute!


That said, I invested thus in Bitcoin so the Network can keep moving forward and I will know am one of the reasons why it is so! Are you a Bitcoin fan?

I think this reason should make some sense to you buddy. At least a little sense. Genesis-Mining is the Highest rated Bitcoin mining company on the Internet!

How they got to that status, i don’t know but if you check out Youtube and co, you will find out that Genesis mining is well talked about and that gives me Inspiration to move forward with them as a company i can trust to accept and grow my money on a long term!

I love what those guys are doing and I will shake them and say Thank You if I can.