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There are two ways to acquire a BCD wallet: BCD wallets are supported by the following: The conditions of the exchanges which currently support BCD trading are as follows: A Card features low computing power, so it is not suitable for mining BCD. Therefore, N Card Worker Software is provided here: Open the following window and see the figure below for parameters. When making any modification, modify a corresponding character only.

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Do not delete any spacing or punctuation. Save it after completing modification. Explanations for specific parameters are as follows: This is critically important. If you make any mistake in filling this, you may not be able to get any income. Please change it into the recharge address given to you by the exchange or your own wallet address in official mining. Please fill in different numbers for different miners for the convenience of maintenance and distinguishing.

Neglect the subsequent parameters. If everything goes well with running, the following interface will appear. How to set up auto start of a mining program at boot Add batch processing tools in the mining software to boot startup and this enables auto start at reboot. Set up startup batch processing files for the mining software by following the above requirements in this case, it refers to the BCD.

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How to select a highly cost-effective mining card? Which coin you mine will bring you higher income on earth? How to speed up your GPU? What new coins can be mined with GPU? Are you still worried about these pieces of knowledge? Here, you will meet big names and grow from a newbie to a master. More information is waiting for you!.