Gold mining sites in arizona

Some of the world’s major mining companies, including Newmont MiningBarrick Gold and Kinross Goldoperate gold mines in the state.

The placer gold discovery was followed by discovery of a nearby lode deposit. Soon, ore was discovered at the nearby Rattlesnake vein and a placer deposit of gold was found in November at the Rattlesnake and Wicks gulches.

However, two primary gold mines are being readied for production: Carolina Gold Rush North Carolina was the site of the first gold rush in the United States, following the discovery of a pound 7. Total gold production is estimated at 1. Oregon[ edit ] Although gold mines are spread over much of Oregonalmost all of the gold produced has come from two principal areas: Prospectors from Illinois discovered placer gold in the Klamath Mountains of southwest Oregon instarting a rush to the area.

Lode gold deposits were also discovered. Arizona also produces energy resources such as coal and small quantities of petroleum and natural gas.

Arizona’s Metallic Mining Districts Mining districts in Arizona are categorized by the specific geologic environment in which the mineral deposit formed – see the accompanying mineral resource map. Base- and precious-metal mining districts are classified by the dollar value of metals produced. Manganese, uranium, and tungsten districts have had significant production. Iron and mercury mineral districts yielded minor quantities.

Locations of economically or historically significant mines appear on the mineral resource map. A northwest-trending belt of metallic mineralization across the state is a striking feature on the map. The southeastern part of this belt is dominated by porphyry copper red on map and associated lead, zinc, gold, and silver deposits blue and purple on map.

If you go northwest of Hillside Station by 18 miles, you will find the Eureka placers along Burro Creek, principal producers were in all area gulches, bench gravels you can find placer gold.

If you take the Bagdad highway from Hillside Station for about 20 miles, take a road west 1 mile, you will see the Cowboy Mine which produced lode gold, with lead.