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The presence of all this major gold mining multinational companies is a testimony to the potential the country has as a gold producer. While there are many other countries in northern Africa that hold good potential for future mines, Burkina Faso is of particular interest to major industry. As the fourth largest gold producer in Africa, Burkina Faso has six major gold mines although there have been gold discoveries in several other places in the recent times that are likely to prompt future development in the near future.

The major gold mines in the country include: The mine is estimated to contain about 6. The mine is managed by Banlaw Africa Ltd. Low grade ores like this are only profitable on a large scale operation. The mines was opened in and produced aboutoz of gold in The gold at the mine is estimated to be about The region preserves evidence for at least two regional deformational events.

D1 structural elements such as the Essakane host anticline are refolded by a series of NNE-trending F2 folds.

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Later localized deformation occurs near the margin of a calc-alkaline batholith in the south of the project area. The Markoye Fault trends NNE through the western portion of the project area and separates the Paleoproterozoic rocks from an older granite-gneiss terrane to the west.

The deposit occurs in an upright asymmetric anticline that plunges shallowly to the northwest. There are two distinct structural controls on gold mineralization: The vein arrays are complex and consist of: Arsenopyrite and pyrite occurs within and adjacent to quartz veins are disseminated throughout areas of wallrock alteration.

Traces of chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite, galena and hematite can occur with the arsenopyrite. With this has come increasing amounts of merger and acquisition activity and more explorers flocking to the region.

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In junior mining company Nexus Gold began district-scale exploration of the Niangouela and Bouboulou gold concessions, which are located within the Boromo greenstone belt of north-central Burkina Faso. The belt is host to several active gold mines. Children as young as six were reported to have left school in order to work in the mines — mainly artisanal ones where they crush stones, sieve dust and transport water around the site.

Children are even visiting mines on their days off from school, influenced by their parents who have made money there. Between andit brought in billion CFA, accounting for Production rose from 23 tonnes in to 32 tonnes in.