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What makes it great is the plethora of information the guides share. The mining industry has been an important part of the upper peninsula. The hardships of mi Wear hiking shoes sandals were ok but would have preferred tennis shoes.

Dress in layers as it is cool in the mine. Also be prepared for a treaterous ride through t We were not disappointed. The old copper mine is worth a visit and all staff on site is absolutely amazing, friendly and very Staff are knowledgeable and nice. Last week my pet griffen dug up a medallion of copper.

It had giant emerald fused in the center and the tour guide said we could keep it!

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Turns out it is a magical time travel medallion We were there the summer of One for the miner then the captains tour a few weeks later I was the first and only one noted that I know of that didn’t want to wear a jacket as 45 degrees isn’t cold enough for me to want one. Still had an awesome experience. We read reviews and all were good. Having lived in the U. We got to Adventures Mining around 9: We had our 10 year old son with us who was the reason we were there in the first place.

We opted for the 90 minute tour. After a couple minutes of hemming and hawing over who was going to give the tour who had what to do as they aren’t just tour guides, they do many other things around the facility we were off with Jim to the basement to get hard hats REQUIRED and some introduction to what we were going to see. My son had some off the wall questions and Jim fielded every one of them. We didn’t get out of the mine until noon!!!

This is NOT your typical “oh look this is this, this is that”. No, this is going into a rustic mine walking over some difficult terrain at times. Seeing how things were done back then. They did a GREAT job and we’ll go back when my son is a bit older to do the rappelling tour where you get to go down to Level 2 and see even more great stuff! We had took the miner tour and our kids loved it.